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Activate your super strength and empower your

personal brand online! In this program, Rebecca Chalson will teach you how to explore your unique strengths, and communicate your value proposition in a way that resonates with your target audience more effectively.

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Rebecca Chalson
Personal Branding Strategist
Your Networking Navigator™
Training Topics:

Lesson 1: How To Empower Your Super Strength

Lesson 2: How To Attract More Followers Online

Lesson 3: How To Connect With Your Target Audience

Lesson 4: How To Engage Your Community

Lesson 5: Three Keys To Become An Influencer

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What You Can Expect From This Course
This training is best geared towards the following industry groups:
- Real Estate - Law - Insurance
- Entrepreneurs - Accounting
- Sales Professionals - Financial Advisors 
No upcoming events at the moment
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Personal Brand & Grow Your Network Today!

Why Building Your Personal Brand Matters

Regardless of the career path we choose, how we project our core strengths, and effectively grow our sphere of influence directly impacts our level of success and happiness. That is why the sooner we can hown in on what makes us unique (aka Personal Brand), and understand how to communicate that from a place of authenticity, the more effective we can be in creating connections that count.

Your business or service is what you do.

However, your personal brand

is how you show the world what you do.

With over 10 years of professional sales and marketing experience, Rebecca’s unique approach to business development and community building has earned her recognition with Forbes, 40 Under 40, and several other regional awards. Having developed her personal network from the ground up, she enjoys educating individuals and various industry groups on how to have a “full circle” networking strategy. Her curriculum includes practical guidance in personal branding, strategic networking, influencer marketing, social media engagement, and building authentic relationships offline. She is especially passionate about helping others tap into their core strengths in order to effectively grow their circle of influence. Learn how to work with Rebecca HERE

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