My Story May Surprise You.... 

As the oldest of ten children, and an unorthodox education, I grew up wrestling with self identity and limiting beliefs regarding my potential. To add to this challenge, my family joined a religious conservative lifesytle during my teenage years. This isolated community was especially oppressive towards women, and obtaining a college degree, let alone a career, was frowned upon. Be that as it may, I believed in my heart that I had more potential, so at 19 years old, I decided to leave home and enter into the real world.


Needless to say, for a long time, I felt like I was in SURVIVOR mode.


Over the next 12 years I applied my work ethic and sheer determination to climb the corporate ladder. I became a leader in my industry and earned opportunities that typically only those with a college degree receive.


I felt like I had finally graduated from survivor to THRIVER status. 


Just when I thought I had reached my full potential, and moved to a new city for a big job promotion, I was one of nationwide layoffs. Despite wrestling with disappointment, this set back was a blessing in disguise. I was yet again given the opportunity to tap into an even greater skill set, discover my PERSONAL BRAND, and created a business around helping others do the same. 


It was through rising above loss, rejection, shame, and disappointment that I learned the keys for unlocking an EVEN GREATER POTENTIAL.


Because I knew these keys were meant to be shared, I became a REVIVER, and continue to help others unlock their potential too. 

In 2017, I was featured in Forbes as a community networking influencer HERE. Now, as a Marketing and Personal Branding Strategist, I love helping business professionals and entrepreneurs spotlight their strengths both on and offline. I believe our past does not define us, and tapping into our best potential is a life long journey. To this day, I help my clients rise above their past, society misconceptions, and their own limiting beliefs.


I share my story as a reminder that we ultimately control our potential and CREATE the life of our choosing.

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