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Such a range of emotions flood my mind as I am writing this blog post the day before the official book launch of Women Who Rise. Scared, excited, nervous... but more than anything, hoping our stories will provide a beacon of hope during an otherwise dark time. Am holding the relationships formed with this co-author family close to my heart, as well as reflecting on the journey that brought me here.

Most who know me, know that I wear my heart on my sleeve lol. However, this experience, and the circumstances around it, brought me through a completely new level of vulnerability. As I am sitting here in my Center City Philadelphia apartment, I can't help but consider the irony of getting ready to publish a co-authored book encouraging our "spirits to rise" during an especially difficult time. We had scheduled this book launch date awhile back, but little did we know that starting in March, our national economy would go into a complete lockdown mode with the global pandemic of COVID-19. Quarantined and alone for over a month now, it is also ironic that one of the biggest pain points, which I reference in my chapter, is how I explored my greater potential during times of feeling isolated and depressed. I learned how to rise up, not in-spite of pain, but through it. You see, my author journey did not start just 6 months ago. It started when I became intentional about not playing the victim to my pain, and instead chose to create my potential through it. That started about 18 years ago.

My chapter in this book is called "Create Your Potential" and outlines what I refer to as my pain-path-purpose journey. I discuss how I discovered my passion for personal branding, by first going through the vulnerable journey of self-discovery, and learning how to build a positive support system both online and offline.

It is my intention, as a co-author of Women Who Rise, to inspire others to discover and explore their unique strengths, even during times of uncertainty. So often we go through life feeling like we need to find that mythical key that will unlock our potential. Perhaps we think that new career, relationship, or home will help us feel more fulfilled. However, as I have experienced loss in all these areas, I have learned that tho we cannot control what happens to us, we can control who we become in the process.

So grateful to be linking arms tomorrow with 29 other inspirational co-authors as we announce the official book launch of Women Who Rise. This will be the sixth book of the #1 International Best-selling Inspired Impact book series with Kate Butler. Grateful to Kate for having had the courage to allow her own "rise up" journey bring out the beauty in her life, and now in all of us as part of her author community. Looking forward to spreading our stories of hope. It's during the darkest of times, that we can make the choice to rise.

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About Rebecca Chalson

With over ten years of professional sales and marketing experience, Rebecca’s personable approach to business development has earned her recognition with Forbes, 40 Under 40, and several other regional awards. As an author, podcaster, trainer, and personal branding strategist, she enjoys helping professionals build their brand and grow their network.  Rebecca’s services include website and promotional video design, social media strategy, and event planning support. Her training curriculum includes practical guidance in influencer marketing, social media engagement, and building authentic relationships. Unlock Your Potential: Discover Your Personal Brand is one of her signature online training programs that helps individuals explore their unique core strengths and communicate their value proposition more effectively with their target audience. Learn more at www.CreateYourPotential.com/Discover Listen to the “Real Talk With Rebecca” podcast on Spotify and iTunes: www.CreateYourPotential.com/RealTalk Connect On Social Media: www.facebook.com/networkingnavigator www.linkedin.com/in/rebeccachalson www.instagram.com/rebeccachalson

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