Question Of The Day: "Embracing My Faults" vs. Complacency?

What is the difference between "embracing my faults" vs "complacency"? I believe that part of embracing my faults means the following:

👍 Having the humility to admit when I am wrong. Investing in personal development resources/training/therapy, and being open to feedback from others is key.

👍 Recognizing that this level of self-awareness can lead to greater connection with oneself and others.

👍 Making it my goal to build bridges vs. walls in how I communicate with others.

Vs. Complacency

👎 “This is me, take it or leave it” attitude.

👎 Does not make it a priority to create more effective communication and lifestyle habits.

👎 Posturing and putting up walls up towards others who have different perspectives and ideas than me.

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